An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 06 01 - 30 Minutes or It's Free

Hooray, it's finally June!

June, July and August are great months for me as I get busy setting up shoots with models. For some reason summer months are super productive times.
You can rest assured that a lot of new material will be appearing on my site in the months to come. (Including some body painting art).

Most of my friends either go to their cottages, go on vacation, or just relax; but not me. I prefer the company of a model, the creation of a new SESSIONS, the journal...


OK so I've been a bit negligent in the journal aspect of things lately but with good reason - I've been making money.

If I want to spend time on my site, on my photography, or just on me, I need to get some money under my belt. I know it's surprising, but that 'donations' button I have on my site has not been utilized very often, who am I kidding, I don't even know if it's still working.
Now, if I was receiving donations or tips as I like to refer to it sometimes, I'd spend more of my time writing in my journal and taking those ridiculous pictures of me you all like so much!

If I delivered a pizza to your house, would you tip me?

Look at me, I'm stupid!
Maybe not if I had a slice stuffed in my mouth and looked like this.
(I opted to go with a black and white feel today - I'm feeling artsy)

I call this one, "Paul Desperate for Content"