An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 06 05 - Brainstorm and Brain Hemorage

This past Thursday I went out to dinner with a bunch of models from the latest fashion show I attended. It was interesting to see them in their casual clothes as I had only, until now, seen them in ball gowns and fancy jewelry.

(Paul Buceta gives this picture a "Thumbs Way Up")

I guess it was interesting for them to see me too.
You know, not wearing leather pants and behaving 'all photographery'.

Anyhow, I was on the phone with my friend Travis telling him about my dinner when he dropped a great idea. He told me I should have a model pool party at my house.
At first I thought this was a fantastic idea as I would love to have a bunch of beautiful women over but then I realized a little something...

I would probably suffer some serious brain damage from sucking in my gut for a prolonged period.

I mentioned my concern to Travis who didn't seem to really hear me as he went on to say that I could set up an 'Oiling Station'.

One has to admit, he IS on to something.