An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 06 08 - New Cell Phone

As a promotional gesture I received a free Sony-Ericsson cell phone.
(Thanks "S")

This phone has a little feature that was built for someone just like me - a camera.
At first I was totally excited as I was rather embarrassed of my old phone, but as I tried to make my first call I found myself scrambling to figure out how to dial and hang up.
Not that it should be a surprise to anyone, I figured out how to take a pic before I figured out how to answer a call.

I've taken a few images with it and am a bit disappointed with the quality. However, for this journal it's perfect.

For example, here I am looking all fat and tired.

Ok, so maybe the pic doesn't quite display my happiness with this phone.

The good thing is that now I'll have a camera with me always!

I can see my friends scrambling now.

For example, here's my friend The Naked Critic admiring my new phone.