An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 06 21 - Changes are a comin...

I haven't had a chance to make many changes to my site as of late as I have just recently resigned from my day job and accepted a new one.
I want to begin at this new job fresh, so I decided to crack down and finish projects that have accumulated over time.

I'm almost finished too - I just have another 5 or so models to shoot in the mean time.

For the record, I will be starting my new job Monday the 28th of June. I will be working with a creative team for a fashion magazine and a couple of designers.
As I have not mentioned the name of current (now resigned from) employer I will be doing the same for my new one.

But don't you worry, my new employer seems promising in terms of upcoming content. For example, one of the head honchos always fights with one of their staff (they get along fine - they just perpetually argue) and I have to tell ya, it's some hilarious stuff.

WEEEEE! I can't wait.

Although I haven't shot a SESSIONS lately, I have been busy with the camera.

This is Adrienne

And this is Jenn...

Now before anyone goes running off to call the police, I assure you that Jenn is 20 years old.

You can look forward to seeing more of both these lovely young ladies in the future - I sure will.