An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 07 06 - Time away from the site

As I mentioned before, I started a new job last week and boy has it got my head spinning.
That's not to say that my job is difficult - Just demanding.
You see, I am working with a group of very creative, very ambitious, and very well educated people. Because they're so dedicated I find myself continuing to work on projects at home until the wee hours of the morning. I don't think a night has passed by where I didn't dream about work.

So what makes this all worthwhile?
Why am I so happy about working so hard and neglecting my site?

Because, I'm afforded the opportunity, the budget, the confidence, and encouragement to be creative and guess what - I seem to be making people happy in the process.

Much like my site - Only it pays.

So aside from work what else is new in my life?
Well lets see now... oh yeah, I sponsored a body painting competition - And it was good!

I have so many great pictures from this event!
Truth is, as a "photographer" I'm permitted to stare through the lens. Most other people have to avert their eyes when a topless model looks their way - But not Paul Buceta.
In fact, I even have the audacity to ask the model to raise their chin. (It's good to be me).

Oh yeah and guess who showed up at my event trying to steal my thunder with a camera of their own...

None other than Naked's favorite SESSIONS model - Larisa.

Naked likes her because she looks young - I'll leave it at that.
(He's going to kill me for this)

Anyhow, I've delayed putting up pics from the event as she promised she'd send me pics she took of me in action - Ahem, I'm still waiting.

Back to the competition; the winner received a complimentary SESSIONS from me.
Do you like what I did there? I AWARDED the winner with a complimentary SESSIONS.
That's like letting the most beautiful girl in the bar buy me a drink.
So anyhow, you can expect to see a new SESSIONS in the weeks to come.

Not a word of a lie here. As I was typing this, two separate co-workers called me regarding work.
(It's 11:30 PM!)

Looks like it's back to work for me.

Larisa if you're reading this, SEND ME MY PICTURES!