An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 07 17 - SESSIONS Fiasco

Alright, so where do I begin? *takes deep breath, pinches bridge of nose....
Yesterday I had set up a SESSIONS shoot with Sarah whom I had met while on another shoot.
Sarah had accompanied her friend Shannon to her shoot and when I first met them I truly didn't know who I was supposed to shoot - A fact I've repeatedly mentioned to Sarah, which by the way, is convinced I'm lying to convince her to shoot with me.

You see Sarah doesn't see herself as model material - I think she sees herself as plain, unattractive - WHATEVER!

Anyhow, when I first met her I knew instantly I wanted to work with her. She has a fresh look: Freckles, beautiful eyes, seductive glare and a truly down to earth demeanor.
JUST DON'T EVER CALL HER A HIPPIE - She doesn't like that shit!

So the morning of the big shoot comes and she, along with Shannon are going to take a bus and train to get to my area. Scheduled time of arrival: 11:00am

I get a call at around 11:00am, she's in Hamilton, a city I am not that familiar with, apparently the train to my local station won't arrive till 1:00pm.
Oh well, so we're behind a bit. Not a big deal, it's certainly not the first time.

At 12:00 noon, I get another call.
The train to my station has been cancelled!
It would seem at this point the powers that be are not interested in us to getting together.
Little do they know how obsessively compulsive I can be.
I tell her to sit tight as I am going to pick them up.

Paul all "gumpy"
(That's my, "What I do for my art" look)

As I mentioned before, I'm not very familiar with Hamilton but I did know it's about 50 minutes from my house. (Add 25% more time as I drive a VW Golf Diesel - 0 to 55 in 15 minutes).
I hop in my car with a map, camera and can of Diet Pepsi (Endorsement proceeds incoming) and head off to Hamilton.

What my map failed to show me was that a large number of streets I need to take where under construction - The powers that be are busy working against me.
So at around 1:00pm I arrive at the bus terminal.
And what I see waiting for me makes it all worth while.

"Hellllloooooo Ladies"

So now it's almost 2:00pm and were finally back at my place.
Where I usually like to spend some time chatting with the model and looking over wardrobe I find myself limited with time. Sarah has to be in downtown Toronto at 7:00 pm.
Five hours is not a whole hell of a lot of time for a SESSIONS.
I like to spend a whole day with a bunch of changes of hair, make-up, wardrobe and locations.
But hey, I was just so happy to have Sarah agree to work with me I couldn't complain.

The first place we ran off to shoot was a local bridge that, at last check, had graffiti all over it.
As luck would have it, the city decided to paint over it.
The powers that be strike again
Not only that but during our shoot a bunch of people would pass by us.
(What are these people doing under a bridge I ask you?)

At this point I should mention that Sarah is a Philosophy student. She is well educated, strong willed, and possesses a great fortitude of character - Something I completely respect. According to her she agreed to the shoot because she wanted to add it to the list of things to do in life. She wanted to experiment, to explore if you will.
Regardless of what she says her reasons are, I think she just wanted to hang out with Paul Buceta.
My allure is powerful. <GRIN>

And Shannon, I can't forget about her.
Shannon is just as charming, with brighter red hair, and sleepy coy piercing green eyes.
I didn't shoot her this day because I had already shot her (for another gig) and because I only had a short while with Sarah as is.
Shannon was a big help carrying stuff and holding diffusers and reflectors.

She also liked the pool.

Two red-heads in my pool at the same time.
Hugh Heffner, say it with me - Paul Buceta rules!
Take THAT powers that be.

Getting back on track: Time wore on and it was time for us to wrap for the day.
In all the excitement and rush, we totally skipped eating, and now we had no time to grab a bite as we had to rush to get to the bus station. We ran out not even packing their bags.
Shannon ran out to my car with a bra around her neck - My neighbors must love me.

I'm getting pretty good at driving and taking pictures.
On the outside I'm smiling but deep down I'm really crying.

So we get to the station on time and we bid our adieus for now.
I'm sure I'll be working with them again soon.
Paul Buceta 1 : Powers that be 0

As I'm pulling away, Shannon yells out to me, and I quote,
"Paul stop! I left my bra in your back seat"
Did I mention I'm at a bus station? The place was packed and everyone turned to look.

I yelled back, "No you didn't, but your panties are in my glove compartment".

I couldn't let her have the last line could I?

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