An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 07 20 - Vengeful Powers That Be

Over the last few weeks I have been setting up a pretty big photo-shoot for today. I was planning to go down to this cute lake front property to shoot this incredible model.
I had coordinated seven people to come out as my crew. In and of itself that's not such a big deal - The big deal is that these people (professionals all of them) agreed to take time in the middle of a work week to help me out.
For no money!

On the list I had a profession videographer to come out and shoot the shoot. I was hoping to add more videos to my SESSIONS to make them that much more interesting.
I also had another professional photographer set up to come out and shoot behind the scenes stuff - Again for the purpose of making the whole project larger in scope.
A make-up artist I really wanted to work with was going to be making her way from pretty far. And I had a couple of assistants ready to come out to help with lights reflectors etc.

So what went wrong?

I got a call from the model yesterday asking me if I saw the weather report for today.
The last time I checked, it was calling for periodic clouds - Which were actually welcome.
Well as it turns out in the last twelve hours since my checking they revised their forecast to severe thunderstorms.

I had no choice but to cancel the shoot.

I called everyone with the news and started scrambling to set up another one.

The worst part about it is I woke up this morning to this...

I'm such an IDIOT!
I think this is payback from the powers that be.

Paul Buceta 1 : Powers That Be 1

It's a tie game ladies and gentlemen.