An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 07 26 - A behind the scenes look at a SESSIONS shoot

No one has ever really asked for it but I can imagine that everyone must be curious to see more of what goes on behind the scenes at a Paul Buceta photo shoot.
Just agree with me, OK?


The whole saga of how this shoot came to pass began long ago.
You can click here to read all about it.
WARNING: If you don't, the rest may not make sense.

I'll wait for you to come back before continuing...

Pretty long winded huh?

So here's where this story continues;

I was in touch with Slavka on and off since we first met. (And if you clicked and read the history you saw the pics and know all about her).
We would have worked together sooner however she had taken some time off to visit family and friends in Slovakia.
Upon her return, she was eager to get to shooting. And admittedly, so was I.

Which brings us to the present.

I was arranging a crew for our shoot and thought it would be a nice touch to invite some people along to take video and behind the scenes stills of the day.
On that list was the videographer Myron Iwankewich.

I had met Myron through some mutual friends and was thrilled when he accepted the gig.
Truth is, I think he just wanted to work with beautiful women, but don't we all?

Next up was my 'behind the scenes' photographer for the day Larisa.

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Larisa is pretty popular these days.

When I told Naked that she was going to be coming out to the shoot it, he almost started crying because he had other commitments and would not be able to help me out.
And by helping me out I mean 'Ooggle Larisa'.


Just when I thought I had covered the history of how this shoot came to pass I realize there is one person whom I forgot to mention: Matt Purdy.

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Matt is a laid back easy going guy with envious abs.
You know the type, the kind you don't want hanging out with your girlfriend.

I had first met Matt at Vanja Vasic's fashion show.
And then again at another fashion gig.
Matt is also one of those, like so many others after me, that believe if Paul Buceta can have a site then so can I.
And he does. You can check it out here.
I'll get back to Matt in a bit - On with the story...

As I mentioned before Larisa was quite popular today. You see upon meeting her, Matt was all, "Well hello there" and I guess it's safe to say that Larisa was all, "Well hello there" also.

In a lot of ways Larisa is very much like me.
I actually had a conversation with her today in which she commented that the only reason I got into photography was to meet girls. "WHAT?".... "YOU'RE the one who does that!" (referring to guys). I suppose we are both in it for that. <GRIN>

Anyhow, when I picked her up on the way to the shoot I had to swing by Matt's also.
I told her I had to pick up a friend for the shoot, and added that he's also a model and rather attractive. She got one of those grins of hers in eager anticipation.
I felt sorry for Matt at that point - She's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I'll get back to them later.

Next up is Travis, who also agreed to help out with the shoot.
His only request was that I not make fun of him in my journal afterwards.

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He settled with a free drink after.

And last but certainly not least was my makeup artist for the day, Heather Hauka.
I had met Heather at the body painting contest I sponsored. She did a wonderful job and I was quite impressed. So much so, I let her buy me a beer.

Heather was paramount in making this shoot possible. It really wouldn't be what is was without her. She fussed over every little detail and was serious and professional the whole time - well almost, check out her shirt.

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All day I'd joke with her about how much she'd fuss over things but was secretly amazed at her perpetual stream of creativity.

Oh yeah, and she's cute too.

Which brings us to the lovely Slavka.
I still remember the first time I saw her walk down the runway. I remember thinking that I simply HAD to work with her. She had a natural grace and elegance that I had not seen since, well, never really since I don't hang out at places that have that type of lady.

Actually I have to back peddle yet again.

I began working with Heather and Slavka two nights prior. We had agreed to coordinate a night shoot downtown to provide us with a larger, more diverse portfolio.

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Our little night time excursion provided a couple of problems;
First of all, we had to find a place that had enough lighting for Heather to work her "Hair and Makeup" magic on Slavka. On that night Heather's work space was on the hood of my car in a parking lot of a BMW dealership. I loved it.
Our other little dilemma was finding a place downtown that was private enough for us to shoot and for Slavka to be able to change. Again my car served us well.
The obstacles were minor and certainly worth the end result.

Alright, so we all arrive to the beach location on time. For the first time in as long as I can remember Travis was on time for something. He must have been really eager to be part of, " - Where the Beautiful People Are"
(This was the slogan for the day compliments of Larisa, Heather and Matt)
The morning was a bit cool for a beach shoot but at this point we really had no choice but to move forward.
Slavka was a real hero. She agreed to suck it up and move on.

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I had mentioned to Heather also that Matt was a model and she thought it would be a great idea to get Matt into the shoot with Slavka. At first I was suspicious that she, along with Larisa, were only interested in seeing him take his shirt off.

We approached Slavka with the idea and she was game - And surprise surprise, so was Matt.

Off to make up for him too.

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Right from makeup, he was rushed to the beach where we were all waiting for him.

I have to admit that at this point I really didn't know how it was going to turn out. I was a bit nervous that Slavka might become uncomfortable as she had just met him - I didn't want to put her in a compromising situation.

So you can imaging just how caught off guard I was after how amazing it turned out.
Needless to say, things weren't cold any more.

A side note; You know how I always brag that, "Paul Buceta Rules". Well today I stepped down because "Matt Purdy Ruled"

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Things weren't all fun and games for Matt and Slavka as they were paid a visit by a wet local.

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Maybe Matt Purdy didn't rule.... aw, who am I kidding, I would have taken a 'wet dog splashing' for a chance to be in his place.

So anyhow, remember how I mentioned that I asked Larisa to come out to shoot 'behind the scenes' stuff?
Well, I think I wasn't clear on that as the images I got from her were of Matt and a few 'behind the scenes'. I have a small feeling Larisa wanted to be the model this day.

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So now we break from the shoot and go for a few drinks.

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I'm starting to feel a bit depressed as Matt Purdy is trespassing on my kingdom.
But wait what's this? Slavka just wrote something down on a coaster and slipped it to me under the table.

Did I get a phone number?

No, better than that. I got redemption!

Paul Buceta Rules

That's right ladies and gentlemen, "Paul Buceta Rules - Slavka Says So!"