An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta
2004 08 04 - A SESSIONS over ten years in the making.

My latest couple of SESSIONS were kinda cool.

There's so much to cover about both of them that I'll just get to Maya today.

I had first met Maya when I was about twelve. We had become very good friends over the years and even tried our hand at dating. It didn't work out, probably because I'm a bit on the needy side - You see Paul Buceta likes attention.

Anyhow, sometime later Maya moved to (And I hope I get this right) L.A., Hawaii, Texas and is currently residing in North Carolina, so as you can imagine we really hadn't seen much of each other.
As a matter of fact we had even lost touch and ended up finding each other again through

Moving along.

I received an email from her asking for my phone number as she was going to be coming to town for a couple of weeks and was interested in hooking up. I think she just wanted to hook up to end up immortalized on my site, but you decide for yourself.

So a few weeks later I get a call from Maya asking to hook up. Being always game to entertain the ladies I was more than happy to oblige.

I picked her up from her mother's house and upon opening the door I was amazed by how little she had changed! You have to realize that Maya looked 20 when she was 12. Hell if you can beleive it, I was even intimidated by her back then. Seriously, she was a woman and I was a boy.
How things have changed, now she's a woman and I'm an imbecile.

So we have a nice little sit down and reminis over old times and friends. It surprises me how much we had shared together.
During our conversation she mentions that she's been appreciating my photography when it hit me; She should do a SESSIONS.


Luckily I didn't have to beg too much.

You have to understand that Maya is.... er was a very proper woman. She is very polite, poised and has a certain aire of dignity about her, so it was with surprise that she agreed.

I have to say that I had more trouble getting her top off when we were dating - A point which, after mentioning, she warned, "You better not put that on your site or I'll kill you!"

"Put that on my site? What a great idea"

I had one handicap working with her - We only had a small amount of time to get all the shots as she had her agenda was totally full.
I set a new SESSIONS record - We did everything in under 2 hours.

Little did I know shooting her would also entail having to edit her images in break-neck speeds. She needed the images on CD to take with her when she left.
She wouldn't settle with a CD being mailed.
Do I sense trust issues where I'm concerened?

In the end it all worked out - I got a nice big fat juicy steak and drinks for free.
God bless meat and exgirlfriends with tonnes of cash.

I couldn't help but wonder about the possibilites if I had been a photographer in grade school.
Who am I kidding, without the internet I wouldn't have an audience and then what's the point?
If Paul Buceta puts up a site and noone visits it, does anybody care?