An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 10 11 - About Rodney

This story is really funny to me and I hope I can do it justice here.

I had met Rodney when I was 13.
I used to be a long haired rock and roll kind of guy that was relatively popular with the ladies.
(Yes, even back then).
Rodney wanted to be a long haired rock and roll guy popular with the ladies.

Throughout the years, our friendship, like all friendships, had it's ups and downs.
But we always managed to look beyond differences and remain friends.
(Even after he dated an ex of mine)

Rodney came from a wealthy family.

In high school Rodney took up motorcross. He got all these great bikes and gear and did quite well for himself on the circuit. His dad even bought a 60 ft. motor home to go to the races in.
(I think it was only used once)

When he turned 16 his parents bought him an amazing sports car for that time.

That March break we drove down to Florida and had a blast.

Since then, I know he has gone through a NISSAN 300ZX Turbo and something ridiculous like 3 BMWs. (I've lost count)

Before you go and start disliking him for having things easy I should point out his handicap in life.

Shit happens to Rodney.

Did you ever have one of those friends that would always have bad luck?

For example; the above noted motor home was used only once - To take Rodney to a track the day after the race. The result of a practical joke brought on by co-racers.
And his life is riddled with stories like that.

He's had even worse luck in relationships - Often costing him a small fortune and stress like nothing I've seen. We would often joke that he's so tense he could bend spoons with thought.
(He has this funny vein in his forehead that indicates the degree of tension)

What's more is he's never really had a job. His parents would always take care of getting him some kind of work but never anything requiring much effort or time.

I would often joke with him,"What if you ever HAD to get a real job?"

To which he replied, "I'd hang myself"

This brings us to today.
err, no he didn't hang himself.

We had been out of touch for a few months because he had been getting pretty serious with his latest girlfriend. So I was pleasantly surprised by his unexpected visit today.
In catching up, he told me that he had a rough break up with his girlfriend, both expensive and violent. And that he's currently living with his parents because she's gone crazy and has a key to his place.
And that's not all folks - His family had sold the business leaving him without even a part time job.
(Can you imagine the inhumanity?)

I was shocked by this - did his family finally nudge him out of the nest?
Can it be?

I was totally surprised to find out he's selling cars now.
Here's the kicker - He LOVES it!

pssst buddy, wanna buy a car?

He's always been a big fan of cars so I can see the logic behind the choice.
Also, he did this all by himself; no help from the family.
He's really doing something he loves and for that I'm proud of him.

So now that he's a "big boy" doing big boy work he's even gotten rid of the fancy car and just bought a little used civic. And again, he loves it - It's his first car.

I just can't help laugh at how little we have changed over time.

But admittedly, I'm a bit jealous because I need to find some "big boy" work myself.