An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 10 26 - Paul Buceta; the Little Dude.

You may recall I was scanning some old stuff over at my mom's house a little while back.
Well, one of the goodies I found was this grade 7 class picture.

Paul Buceta - Class Picture
Paul Buceta - Chooh in Vest

This picture is kinda important to me as there are a few in it that had some impact in my life.

Top row center with a grey shirt opened as low as mine: David (Moose).
Moose used to stand up for me as I was always the little guy. I don't know why I needed so much protection back then, but I was sure glad to have it.
Moose and I would go roller skating (that's before roller blades) to meet the ladies.
As you can guess, he always got the tall ones.

The other tall guy to his right is Robert - My Optometrist.

Right in front of Moose, in the pink sweater is Heather.
I was dating Heather around the time this picture was taken. Unfortunately things didn't work out as she made the mistake of introducing me to her friend Diane (Who just happened to be dating Moose at the time).
Looking back - I should have stayed with Heather, she wore the tightest jeans ever - God bless her!

The girl left of me is Olivia.
As we grew older, Olivia became one of those cool girls that ALL the guys were after.
I would often bump into her at clubs downtown but by that time I was way out of her league.

I can't help but wonder what all these people are up to today.

If any of you in the picture above are reading this, drop me a line.
I would love to hear from you!

Especially Heather.