An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 11 14 - A Little April in November

When I opened my journal today I was kinda surprised by how much time has passed since my last entry.
I had been meaning to get around to writing a few things but just haven't had the time.

As luck would have it, I've been incredibly busy shooting - Anything from videos to photography.
The best part? I managed to make some pretty decent money at it too.

So where to begin?

As I had mentioned earlier, I was helping out at the Toronto Film College were I met this really charming (and real sexy) student named April Roy. Right away I new I had to work with her which put me in the predicament of trying to figure out how to beg without being my too desperate self.
Luckily the whole desperate thing worked out because she agreed to pose for me.
But we'll get back to her in a bit.

The next model contacted me by way of my site.

I got a call from a model named Petra, asking me what my schedule is like as she would like to book my time.
Right away I knew this was a woman that knew what she wanted and wasn't afraid to ask.

Usually these type of women scare the crap out of me but not enough NOT to shoot them.
As the shoot progressed Petra warmed up a bit and this made things that much more interesting.
If only I had some video of Petra, her deep Czech Republic accent is amazing and she's not hard on the eyes at all!
You can see her SESSIONS here.

So back to April - Roy that is.
(weeee, my first Beverly Hillbillies reference)

April is a bit of a riddle to me. You see, she's very serious, professional, extremely polite, very mature, and does not swear.
I mean she actually says things like "Oh, dear" and "My goodness".
That's right ladies and gentlemen, Paul Buceta knows a 'lady'.
(I have to make a note never to introduce her to The Naked Critic)

Anyhow, part of the reason she's a riddle to me is being the way she is I'm surprised she's a GO GO dancer!

And that's not all, for that last few years April has been a dancer on cruise lines.

I just can't put the two together.

Anyhow being the type of person she is, I knew I had to shoot her soon or risk the possibility of her developing cold feet.
Well, that's not exactly true... I was just so damn eager.
But seriously, one look at my web site and she'd probably run for the hills.

But wait, she gets more confusing to me by agreeing to pose partially naked.
In the industry we call this "implied nudity". I suppose it's called that out of the industry as well...

But I digress.

This whole nudity thing has me totally baffled.
She is now an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

And if you've ever seen those info-mercials..
"But wait, there's more"
""You bet there is!"

Laura and I: circa 1900

April reminds me of an exgirlfriend - Laura.
Her mannerisms, her laugh, her smile, her ummmmm... eyes...

April Roy and Paul Buceta

Oh, and Laura used to borrow my clothes too.
Shameless self-promotion

But in all seriousness she's a great sport. I even managed to illicit some bad acting from her.

file size: 1,900 kb

Alright, I admit it - My acting was worse than hers.

Be sure to check back soon to see more of April in an upcoming SESSIONS