An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 12 11 - On Set - Part 1

I've been inactive in my writing as of late because I've been so busy with other projects.
For example, last week I landed a roll on a program called Forensic Factor for the Discovery Channel. I play the roll of a detective and with my luck I end up being paired with another actor who stands at like 6'4. For the record, I'm 5'8.
So as you can imagine I look like a midget next to this guy.
And if that wasn't enough, he keeps stealing my lines! I now officially refer to him as 'the scene hog'. In all seriousness though, he's a really good guy with a great sense of humour.

I'll write more about the show with a bunch of behind the scenes pics later.

What I wanted to talk about today was the 2nd A.D. on set. Her name is Sandi and she's one of those always smiling, always charming, and always interesting type people. Oh yeah, and she's hot too.
While we were talking she managed to pull her groin muscle - Don't ask, I don't have an answer. Perhaps it's the effect I have on women.

Anyhow, as we were talking she tells me she's been in a few commercials.
Upon hearing this I do a mental - YES! Click here to see my 'mental yes'.

You see, I love the fact that she's been in commercials because she's shy and doesn't like to have her picture taken.
Don't believe me?


So as I was saying, because she's been in commercials, I can now find them and share.

For example, one commercial she had mentioned was one where she was a fencer. She was happy about this part because she actually fences. She even gave me a little demonstration - Oh, how I wish I had my video camera!

Anyhow, here's the commercial - She's the one reading the magazine.

click on image to view
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I'm going to be writing a whole bunch later but for now I have to go back to set.