An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 12 11 - On Set - Part 3

I had mentioned earlier that Chris Lightfoot, my on camera partner playing the role of Detective Cowan has been stealing my lines. What's more is he's the lead actor and has tonnes of lines of his own. I on the other hand don't have as many, and of the few I do have - he steals!

I'll give you an example;
Yesterday while we were interrogating the wife, I was to ask if the the trip was, "Business or personal". When my cue comes up... guess who chimes up?

That's right Chris Lightfoot, or should I say Detective Cowan of The Cowan Show!

I shouldn't be surprised though, I mean just look at him... He's a shifty fellow.

In his defence he created the following clip.
click here
file size: 1,700kb