An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 12 14 - I Am One Lucky Guy

This may seem a bit difficult to believe but it's true. I went shopping for lingerie with a Playboy centerfold today.
I know, even I am a bit surprised by this.

On to the story.

I had first met Tailor James at the Pink Bedroom Breast cancer charity a while back.
I tried making small talk with her but she wouldn't leave the side of the guy she was with - Scott Merritt. So what if he's been in Playgirl... so have I. (Cat's outta the bag now).
Then again, I was wearing that stupid vest!

Anyhow I've wanted to work with Tailor for the longest time but it just never happened.
Until now.

We've been back and forth for some time now and have finally agreed to set up a few different shoots, weeeee!
For those wondering, yes I begged, and how.

One of the shoots we're after is a lingerie/boudoir style, which brings us to how I got to go shopping with a Playboy centerfold.
You know, I could just say that over and over, all day... Playboy Centerfold.

Moving along...

We agreed to meet at the local mall right in front of a place called New York Fries. She insisted on this place because she was starving and craving some fries. I was a bit surprised by this as most models never like to eat in front of a photographer, except for Liz 'pass the salt' Hubbard. (I'm a dead man!)
But not Tailor James, "You go girl"

Admittedly, I've always wanted to use the, "You go girl" phrase but never had the opportunity till now.
Funny, but I always thought I'd use it on the Naked Critic.

Moving on with the story.
We were at the mall looking specifically for black bra, panties, garters and stockings. This proved to be much harder than I had originally thought. One store had the right bra, another the right stockings but none had the right size panties, they were all too big.

I suggested we go back to New York Fries and get a few more servings... I couldn't help it, someone had to say it.
And you know what? Tailor has a quirky humor like mine. This is another surprise, and a welcomed one at that.
I promise to get to some of that another time.

So after a few hours we had finally pieced together an outfit.

Truth is, I liked the first outfit I saw, I just wanted to walk around the mall with her for a bit. grin
And on that note, it's amazing just how many people stared at her. I mean everyone would stare, girls and guys alike.

Beauty and the Beast

I pretty much had a stupid grin on my face the whole time. Much like the one pictured above.