An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2004 12 15 - Lucky Yesterday, Not so Today

I went to use my video camera, yup the same one I had written about earlier and the on/off button that took 8 weeks to fix isn't working right. Actually, the camera does not turn on at all!

I remember being a bit disappointed that I couldn't move forward with my complex plan to 'show them' however, now it seems I might actually get my chance.

So today I went down to the store again with video camera in hand, I told them the story and asked if they could do any better than 8 weeks this time. Seeing as I have already been without the camera for two months, I didn't want to got through it again. This time they tell me to take the camera up the street, two blocks to a place they send stuff in for servicing. After I was assured this would not in any way, shape or form impact my warrantee, I hoped back in the car and made my way over.

These people saw me right away, they looked at the camera carefully and told me it would take 1 to 2 weeks.
Without realizing it, they just confirmed what I had thought all along, the original company took 6 weeks to send and pick up my camera two whole blocks!

Paul Buceta - El Chooch
this picture has no relevance to the story

On the bright side, if my camera requires more fixes, I can get a brand new one as per the "must have" extended warrantee I bought.