An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 01 08 - Linda and I

I had met Linda through one of the many model database sites I frequent.
Actually, Linda found me out, a point that I just love to jokingly remind her of, "You're so lucky you found me".

Paul Buceta and Linda

Unlike most models I've worked with, Linda is a corporate professional, holding a prominent position at a fortune 500 company. This is something I am not accustomed to.
Most models have yet to figure out what career, aside from modeling, they wish to pursue.

Anyhow, Linda not only knows her career path but is obviously very good at it. I say this because she has an intimidating presence. She scares me a little and you know what? Paul Buceta likes that.

Moving back to our first meeting.

We had met at a bar called the 'Something' and Firken. A local bar known for beer, pool tables, and chicken wings.
I was a bit surprised that she'd choose a place like that. You see most models like fancy places with exotically named drinks. It wasn't till a few minutes into our meeting that I realized she's just like one of the guys - A tough one.
Add to that a business professional and you get what was popularly called a yuppie a few years back.
Here she is with her Blackberry, checking work emails during dinner.

She's going to kill me for calling her a yuppie!

Hey Linda, don't hit you head on the glass ceiling on your way up.
Now I'm really dead!

On our next meeting, I joined her for a trip to the tattoo parlor.
Instead of reading about it, you can see the video here:

Linda gets a tattoo

It was sometime after the tattoo fiasco that we first came up with "The Creative".
(For those who don't know, a creative is a bunch of professionals with different talents volunteering their skills for the purpose of creating an artistic final product)

I called a few colleagues and put together a group of talented individuals for The Creative.

The list includes;
Heather Hauka: Make-up
The Naked Critic: Model/Actor (Yes, I said model)
Craig McNicoll - Videographer
and the good people at Casa Mendoza Motel.

The shoot itself was a huge success made possible by everyone's efforts.
I am in the process of putting everything together for an upcoming Special Edition SESSIONS coming in the next few weeks.

If you liked seeing Linda get a tattoo, wait till you see her get... well, you'll just have to check back.