An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 01 11 - 'Little' Lunch

I went to lunch with a pretty impressive model Zdenka Micka.
Most models that say they're 5'11 are really only 5'10. They lie because in the fashion industry you have to be at least 5'11 to get work on the runway.

Why do I mention this you ask?

Well because when I first saw her I was taken by her presence. It felt like she was over six feet.
And there's more but I'll get to that a bit later.

Zdenka and I have been back and forth about shooting for some time now and for the longest time it seemed we'd never get around to even meeting before hand. I remember looking for models on the Internet a few years ago and it seemed Zdenka was everywhere at the time. This girl had all but cornered the local market.
I knew I wanted to work with her but didn't feel that my abilities were justified at the time.
(Is it possible that Paul Buceta has self esteem issues?)
She had appeared on the cover of Playboy and that scared the shit out of me.
Anyhow, now that I'm a lot more comfortable with my abilities, I can play all 'hot shot' and shit.
Hell, if I wanted I could parade around in leather pants, a silk scarf and call myself an artist.

Moving along...

Zdenka is more than just a pretty face, she has quite a business sense as well - She runs her own site and has some pretty ambitious plans for the future which include, you guessed it, appearing on a SESSIONS cover.

We also talked a bit about web traffic, a bit about modeling, a bit about careers and a bit about everything else.
It was during these conversations that I mentioned Antonio Banderas and I were the same height.
(Trust me, it came out smoother that I just wrote it - Seriously)

And you know how she actually replied?

"I didn't realize he was soooooo short"
To which I said, "No, I didn't say short, I said we were the same height".

Paul and Zdenka

From this point on, she pretty much laughed at everything I said.
It was like the 'funny' floodgates had opened and Paul Buceta washed in.

Zdenka should be more careful of how she speaks to little artists.
We offend easily.

We also speak of ourselves in the third person.