An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 02 05 - On Set (Part 4)

A while back I got a role as a co-lead for an episode of Forensic Factor on The Discovery Channel.
You can read the entries here, here, and here.

I was cleaning out my computer when I stumbled across this picture I forgot to add to the mix.

Paul Buceta

Here I am on set. The funny thing is in between shoots I was checking my emails on my lap top (pictured).
I should have asked for more money for supplying props as well.

Oh yeah, and another thing I forgot to mention about this whole ordeal; that shifty fellow Chris Lightfoot not only stole my lines in the show, he also stole one of my commercials!

Remember a while back I mentioned I got a few call backs for an ad where I had to play with a truck like a kid?
I even created a video for it. Here's the entry.

Well wouldn't you know it - Chris Lightfoot stole that commercial from under me!

CLICK HERE to see the final commercial.

If he wasn't so handsome I'd be pissed.