An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 02 15 - Did That Leave a Mark?

I went out with my good friend Linda the other day to shop for some fetish gear.
(It was for a shoot - Seriously)

As I get out of the car, looking down as the snow bank I was walking on was rather large and slippery, I walk right into the branch of a nearby tree. I was moving rather fast and the impact really whipped my head back.

It really hurt.
And I looked really stupid.

I could have lost an eye however so many people saw my clumsiness, I would have calmly walked away as though nothing had happened - Just like I did.

Add public humiliation to pain - You'd think I might be used to this by now.

Anyhow, when I asked Linda if I was bleeding, she replied with, "You're such a baby, there isn't even a mark."

Upon further investigation I found her to be a comedian.

Paul Buceta - Scar Head

No mark my ass.