An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 03 14 - Montreal. Or as the French say, "Montreal."

My friend Linda called me a little while ago asking if I'd like to join her for a trip to Montreal.
At first I thought it was really nice of her but it turns out she had a shoot there and didn't want to go alone.
Whatever her motive I'll take it.

Actually, the truth is I originally turned her down as I couldn't get away.

As luck would have it however, I received a call from a client wanting some shots of locations in, you guessed it, Montreal.
It wasn't two seconds after getting off the phone with him that I was talking with Linda about our itinerary.

From this point on so much happened I'm going to try to make things short and sweet.

We left Thursday night at around 8:00pm just in time to make it to the liquor store.
We would need a little drink once in Montreal.

While in line at the liquor store Linda, out of nowhere states, "Damn, I forgot to bring my Preperation H!"
At this point the woman in front of us looks over her shoulder back at me and sees me holding a rather large selection of alcohol.
I whisper to her, "It's gonna be a GREAT party".
Embarrassed out of her mind, Linda informs the good woman that she uses the Preperation H under her eyes to reduce any swelling in the morning.

I think Linda should read the directions more closely.

Anyhow, the six hour drive was pretty uneventful.
Linda drove the whole way there - God bless her little soul.
Although, there was this one time when our lane ended abruptly and the ensuing fright made Linda drop her cigarette somewhere under her seat - This made her look like an amateur.

We arrived in Montreal and the plan was we were going to get sperate rooms.
However, after a little aggressive persuasion on my part she agreed to share hers - SWEEEEEEET.
It would seem Montreal was going to be a lot of fun.

We stayed up drinking until 6:00 am.
In that time I whipped out my camera and we had us a little photo shoot.

Linda Dargavel Linda Dargavel Linda Dargavel Linda Dargavel

Linda Dargavel Linda Dargavel Linda Dargavel

The pictures got a bit crazy and at some point she had decided to 'vent' her nylons - What do they put in these drinks?
I took this all rather in stride, after all, I AM a photographer.

Paul Buceta - Cool as shit

The next morning we had to be up by 9:30am.
Knowing this, we kept the drinks to a minimum.
Still, by the time our wake up call rolled around, neither one of us was on our 'A' game.

Luckily for me Linda didn't feel like taking pics of me.

Linda Dargavel

She just wanted her coffee... real bad.

Here's a funny little tidbit about Linda.
She drools like Niagra Falls when she sleeps.
(If the pictures aren't reason enough, she's going to kill me for this last statement)

Anyhow, while she was in the bathroom washing off the drool and getting ready I snapped off a few shots of the view.

We had to be up by 9:30am so that I could run some of my errands before her shoot.
This took us right up to lunch time.

We both still felt terrible and had yet to wake up. To make things worse, Linda had to drive in Montreal traffic - Something she really hates doing.
For some reason drivers in Montreal really annoy her. I didn't have it in my heart to tell her she's the one making mistakes.
Did I say heart?
I meant courage - I didn't have the courage to tell her.

Anyhow, we finally found parking and ran into the closest restaurant we could find.

Linda Dargavel Fat Head

I could already see Linda was in a bad mood. Believe me, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out - The signs are obvious.
To try to lighten the mood I drew a quick little portrait of her.

Linda Dargavel

Luckily, she found it amusing otherwise I'd still be hitchhiking back from Montreal.

Our lunch took a bit longer than we expected.
Like me, Linda HATES being late for anything and she was already going to be 10 minutes late.

Instead of driving to the photo shoot, we decided to walk as according to our calculations it was just up the road.
We were walking in the snow and slush with heavy bags for about 10 minutes before we decided to hail a cab.

We flagged one over, opened the door and just as he got out to put our suitcase in the trunk, Linda says, "Don't worry about it" and threw it in the back seat.
I should mention the suitcase was one of those ones with wheels and that we were dragging it through the slush. It made a terrible mess of his cab - oops.
This pissed him off to no end.

Once we're all in the cab, we tell him we're just going up the road.
"WHAT!" he yells.
He threw us out of his car. As he drove away he was cursing up a French storm.
Now my French is not all that good but I think he said something about daisies.

The bright side of this is Linda and I were standing at the street corner with all sorts of people watching.
We stared at each other with one of those; 'That shit didn't just happen - Did it?', looks and started laughing.
Whew, finally the ice broke and Linda wasn't all poopy anymore.

We arrived at the studio about 25 minutes late.

to be continued...