An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 08 30 - It's Been a While

I got an email today from a friend I hadn't spoken with in a while. In it, she tells me how much she misses my journal entries.
This saddens me.

For the longest time I've been wanting to write something down, you know, for old times sake. But for some reason I just wasn't 'feeling it'. I think in place of my daily journal entries I've been using that time to eat.

Seriously, I've packed on a few (hundred) pounds.

Anyhow, for my friend who misses my journal; here's my day...

I had a photo shoot today with a model named Shay.
She was referred to me by another model whose opinion on beauty I highly respect.

I was not disappointed.

Shay is a beautiful model standing about 5'11 and weighing about 100lbs less than me, but enough about the non-journal-writing-fatty-and-his-issues.

Shay showed up at my place a bit early this morning.
Actually, I was in the shower when she got here and was lucky to hear the doorbell at all.
Can you imagine her first impression of me?
Soaking wet in a towel (which barely fits around my big fat stomach).

Am I sounding bitter about my weight gain?

Cause I am!

Moving on.... Another person to be present today was my good friend Lori Fabrizio.
Lori is an awesome make-up artist I met at a shoot a few weeks ago. Ever since, we've been working together creating some awesome shots and having a blast all the while. Every model I've worked with has commented on how much fun the experience has been - Paul Buceta still rules.

I got a group shot of us.
You'll notice both girls are on their toes - cheaters.
fatty shay lori

I would have gotten on my toes as well but was afraid I might break my ankles - You know, added weight and all.

Here's a sample from today.

Shay - MUA Lori Fabrizio
model: shay

Unfortunately for everyone Shay had to leave a bit early so we didn't get to spend as much time as we had originally hoped.

Lucky for all of us, Lori stuck around and we got to chatting.
Specifically about the ability to be photographed while making funny faces.
In this industry everyone is all about looking good. My friend Lori - Not so much.

I challenged her to make some funny faces whilst I take pictures.
What she didn't know was my camera has a video feature. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Check out the video here.
I'm all trippy dude!

I tell ya, she smacked me good for this - Luckily, I didn't feel a thing.