An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 08 30 - Too Sexy?

A few weeks ago I had a shoot for a line called Cutthroat Clothing.
Actually my good friend Linda had set the whole thing up.

I remember getting a call from her asking if I knew any hot guys for her to shoot with.
I asked her, "Do I look like the type of guy that knows hot guys?"
She replied, "Yes".

After an awkward silence I said, "All right, I know this one guy..."

The day of the shoot was the first time these two had met. It was funny to see how comfortable Linda was next to Jeff who seemed a bit nervous. You see, the shoot had two components to it.

ONE: A scene with a high school, parent's basement, make-out theme.

click on pic for larger view

TWO: A sexy pool shot with the two of them very into one another.

click on pic for larger view

About the only thing Jeff and I have in common is weight - Spread out a little differently mind you.

Anyhow, while we were shooting the basement scene I told them I really needed them to get intimate - They have to be convincing.
All I could hear from Jeff was a muffled, "AWESOME".

click on pic for larger view

But wait the pics get even better.

When I asked for sexy, I got this.
click on pic for larger view

Jeff called this the "Wats Dat" picture. It's a bit of an inside joke.
To me they look retarded.

The day after the shoot, I had sent off a few I had chosen to Linda for her opinion.
She replied that she thought we had gone a bit too sexy for their line.
To this I had take the original picture and resend it to her with a different logo and asked if she felt the same way.

click on pic for larger view

The answer was, "Hell no. I LOVE this shot!"

Here are a couple of candids from the day I can't believe I'm sharing.

I call this one breech
and this one chooch

I don't know why I continue to publicly humiliate myself this way.
At least this time I have some company.