An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 14 - Leave a Message...

As you are aware, I've been in touch with an old girl friend of mine lately. We haven't actually met yet as I've been real busy (not eating) and our schedules have conflicted

What we have been doing is chatting on the phone laughing about old times and mutual friends.

The other day I called her and got her voice mail. I wasn't sure if it was her because the recorded message was whispered all sexy like - You know, like those commercials you see late at night.
"My name is Candy, call me and my sexy friends...."
I was a little worried I had the wrong number so I hung up and called again, this time making sure I had the right number.
Yup - It was her message alright.

She's changed.

When we were dating she was this shy little thing - Now listen to her.
woop woop woop : Arsenio would be proud.

So I set up my gear to record her voice mail, called back, and this time she picks up the phone - DAMN!
Laughingly, I made the mistake of telling her my intensions. Now, she takes her phone with her everywhere.
What's more, she picks up when I call her saying, "You're not getting my voice mail"

Now, unfortunately, she's changed her greeting so the old one is gone forever.

There's a catch though!

I don't think she realizes what her new message sounds like.

CLICK HERE to hear it.

Is it any wonder I loved this girl so much? She's a fool just like me!

For those of you wondering, the song is by the Spoons, a band we used to like back in the day.