An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 18 - Lights, Camera, Kleenex

First of all I want to extend many thanks to all the well wishers who felt compelled to write in wishing me 'all the best' with Laura.
It's the first time I've received this kind of response from any single entry.
Thank you.

If you don't know what I'm referring to click here before reading on.

I did it - I met her!.

Back in high school I used to work at a store called Thrifty's. It was known for carrying a wide selection of jeans etc... It was a pretty cool place to work as I got to meet tones of people and make a lot of friends.
Around that time, Laura and I started dating. She would come by to meet me and we'd spend all kinds of time hanging around the store. It got to the point were, being very close to the manager, I pushed to get Laura hired on.
It was awesome, now we were getting paid to hang out. Paul Buceta rules!

Anyhow, we decided to meet at the same mall.
I was on the phone with her when I arrived at the location we were to meet. She was sitting on a bench with her cell in one hand and applying lipstick with the other.
It was at this point she states, "You're probably in the mall now, aren't you?"
I was busted. I said, "No" but she knew otherwise.
She looked up from doing her lipstick and there I was, with my cell in hand, grinning ear to ear.

Admittedly it was a little awkward at first. I was expecting this frail, lanky girl and was not prepared for the woman standing before me. Seriously, she's all woman now. For the first time in my life I was at a loss for words - I think my eyes may have welled up a bit.
I couldn't help but hug her for what may have been an inappropriately long time.

She, on the other hand, was all flustered and in love all over again.
I can tell these things, I'm Paul Buceta.

OK, I'm joking here. She was actually very cool and relaxed. If this was back in high-school she may have squealed and jumped up and down, kinda like I was doing, but no... She was all composed and very mature.

We sat down at a small restaurant for a drink and talked, and talked, and talked...
It was like no time had passed.

At one point she was in the ladies room when a woman sitting close by called my attention to tell me Laura was interested in me.
She said, "You know she's interested in you right? It's obvious the way she plays with her hair and in her body language".
It was cute that someone else noticed.

Again, my eyes teared up. I must sound like a total wuss, but rest assured I'm very sensitive to dust so it may have been that.

When Laura returned, I told her of the advice I received from the stranger. She must have turned three shades of red.
As for me; I was flattered beyond words.

I pulled out my camera to see if I could get her on film and it was at this exact moment she got all shy.

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We had a fantastic time and have agreed to meet again - I can't wait.
Although I'm getting a bit nervous as she just confided in me she has no computer to speak of. She checks my site occasionally from her parents house.

My jaw dropped.

I was joking earlier about the whole leg breaking thing but now it's not so funny.

On the bright side of this, she also admitted to listening over and over again to the voice mails I had left her.
She said it was comforting to hear my voice and especially my laugh after all these years.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have something in my eye.