An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 22 - Paul Buceta - Everywhere...

I just received an email from my good friend Grace informing me she's started her own site.
I love this!

I love it when people take an initiative to get things going, follow through, and accomplish their goals.

That aside, while looking over her site I noticed she included a rather large gallery of candid images taken during one of our shoots.
I would have happily posted them myself but didn't in fear of potentially upsetting Grace or scaring (frightening) off any future models.

Kind of totally unrelated: I always mess up staring and starring / scarring and scaring / desert and dessert, I know I can just look it up in a dictionary but I'm a lazy ass.

Moving along... What I find so charming about the pics are the commentary that accompany them.

click on thumbnails above to go to her site.

Reflecting a bit here: I find it really funny when I write goofy things about me. I enjoy it that much more when others do it.
Hell, it makes my life that much easier.

Now be sure to check out this nice girl's site.