An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 22 - Paul Buceta - Discovered

I while ago you may recall I landed the role of one of the lead detectives in an episode of Forensic Factor.

Can can read all about it here (There are 4 parts to it)

Well I just found out it's going to air this week - This Friday to be more specific.

I'm so happy about this - Hopefully my VCR works so I can grab a copy.

As you may recall, I was to be co-lead with another actor that kept hogging the limelight.
I was just thinking, hopefully the editors didn't cut me right out. Talk about embarrassment and public humiliation!

Either way, it's a one hour episode - It sure beats a hand held 30 second clip from my videos page.

Say it with me - Paul Buceta Rules!