An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 26 - Stuck

I met with Laura again today.

With every meeting we get closer. It really feels like no time has passed.

But alas, time has passed and yes, we have changed somewhat.

For example, we went to a local restaurant for a light snack and some drinks. During the 'drinks' part of the evening she dropped her phone under the table. (This used to be an old ploy of mine).

She proceeded to go under the table to retrieve it and upon emerging she got stuck between the table and the bench.
I think the old Laura would have been able to wiggle herself out with no problem.

And yes, luckily I brought a camera and captured the whole thing. I even did it old-school; with a Polaroid.


Now, most people would have gently moved the phone with their foot to the side, out from under the table, lean over, and pick it up.
Not my Laura. She had to put herself into the predicament above.

I love this girl - Even if she's a little "wider" than before.
I mean, think about how brave she was trying to get through that little space. If I tried to, we would have had to call the paramedics.

I hope she doesn't read this because I'd really love to see her again.