An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 09 28 - Precious Time // Lack Thereof

I shot for a major magazine today.

That in itself is enough reason to feel great. Here's the kicker - I shot an awesome model, worked with an awesome make-up artist, and had a blast with the chief editor.

 Lori Fabrizio  Lori Fabrizio

click on thumbnail to see the awesome make up artist - lori fabrizio

Usually when the client attends a shoot I get a bit preoccupied with their well being and can't focus on the job at hand.
This guy was totally fun to be with. What's more, he was holding reflectors and enjoying himself all the while.

The pictures turned out amazingly well and I can't wait to see if I can share some here.

On a different subject.

I'm getting emails from models wanting to shoot for free. What's more; I know many of these models and am having a hard enough time saying no. Last week I shot a major campaign for a fortune 500 company which included over nine models during the course of the week. The week before I was shooting a lingerie catalogue with over 50 looks.
This week; my shoot, mentioned earlier, as well as a CD cover for a rock band and another shoot for a television show.
Did I mention I've been published in TIME, MacLean's, Reader's Digest to name a few?
Needless to say - I am swamped.

I never thought I'd be turning down models!

I'm hoping things calm down a bit to find the time to relax.

Oh and one last thing...

I'm somewhat disappointed with the limited appearance in Forensic Factor.
I was hoping for more air time but that's not to say I'm unhappy.
I'll be posting clips from the show when I find the time....

It always comes down to that!