An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 10 19 - E=mc *hasselhoffed

Lately things have been getting more and more under control.

I've been kinda slow in updating my site lately but with good reason. I was really behind with other administrative work so I made a life changing descision - I will not take care of the fun stuff until the business is caught up.
Basically, I swore to catch up on all the work that I was slowly becoming overwhelmed with.

Today marks the day I managed to get it all done!

I have completed a project that required over 150 images edited (at about 15 minutes per image)
I finished a video project for another client.
I did my laundry.

Oh yeah, and I'm growing out my hair to be all sexy and shit.

Now, I can sit back, crack my knuckles and get busy writing journal entries.

To celebrate this, I offer you more Hasselhoff than anyone should be subjected to.

David Hasselhoff