An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 10 30 - From Pretty to Voluptuous

I just wrapped a shoot with an awesome model named Trisha.

I had first met Trisha at the FAME 2005 expo.
At the time she struck me as a really young girl - You see, she has this sweet innocent soft spoken type of personality.
Anyhow, she had approached me and mentioned she would like to set up a shoot sometime. I wasn't against the idea, however at the time I was surrounded by an unfathomable amount of fitness models so I was a bit distracted. I blame the testosterone...
Either way, after a couple of emails we sort of lost touch.

That is, until a few months later, I landed a commercial shoot for a regular client of mine (They don't mention me so I don't mention them), and low and behold Trisha is the model I'm to shoot.

Trisha by Paul Buceta
Can you believe I get paid to shoot models like this?

I'm usually pretty cool about shoots as I have done more than I can possible count but this was different.
As soon as I aimed the camera at her she transformed into a Goddess.
Now, it's not like she was not sexy before hand; it's just that her look transformed from sweet and gentile to a woman which makes you wonder if you're man enough for her. (Not that I know that feeling - Well, perhaps a tiny bit).
This actually scared me a little - And I liked it.

What was I thinking all this time? I mean she had asked me to shoot her and here I was too busy for her!?!
Like I said before, I usually play it cool but I could barely keep the camera from shaking as a result of my giddiness.
I was like a kid in a candy store.


Here's a preview of my upcoming SESSIONS with Trisha.
Trisha - Photographed by Paul Buceta Trisha - Photographed by Paul Buceta Trisha - Photographed by Paul Buceta Trisha - Photographed by Paul Buceta

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I almost forgot to mention that my friend Lori Fabrizio had joined us to do make up and hair.
Her other job was to take some candid shoots here and there.

Here are some of her I took.
Lori and Trisha Lori Fabrizio

CLICK HERE to see a video of Lori in action.
(She's going to kill me for this one!)

Here's a picture of me.
Paul Buceta
"Look at the funny looking man mommy!"

CLICK HERE to see a video of me in action.
(I guess it's only fair to share a little embarrassment)

All things said and done, I had an awesome time and ended up with some truly breathtaking images..
I'm sure it won't be last time I work with Trisha,.. Lori on the other hand...