An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 11 02 - Paul Buceta - Playboy Photographer!!!

So I get this phone call a while back from Playboy.

How's that for a way to start a sentence?

Anyhow, I got the call from Playboy and it looks like I'm going to be shooting for them.
Can you believe this? I mean, seriously it wasn't even a year ago I was writing about my first 'Playboy' encounter and now I'm part of the family.

Click here to see my reaction when I hung up the phone.

I'm so excited I can barely type this. I just want to pound the keys with happiness.
I think I'll give that a try...


Well, that was pretty fruitless but I do feel better.
My spell check is going nuts.

So here's the deal. They have a girl picked out and I'm going to photograph her - You can imagine the rest.
I can't really go into details for fear of killing the opportunity. Suffice to say, this girl is breathtakingly spectacular.

I guess I can add Paul Buceta : Playboy Photographer to my long list of other credits like Paul Buceta Banana Demon.

Paul Buceta - Playboy Photographer

So c'mon, I think I deserve it. say it with me, "PAUL BUCETA RULES!"