An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 11 30 - Bianca, the Shoot - Part II

So now it's the next morning and the weather is not going to cooperate for our shoot. No matter, it's Bianca Beauchamp and I can't imagine having bad shots with her.

My concern as I was making my way to pick her up is how she's feeling. You see, the night before we both had a bit too much to drink and I'm not feeling 100%. As a matter of fact, Bianca had substantially more than I which left me a bit worried.

I arrive at the hotel and as I had suspected, Bianca is a teeny bit under the weather. That being the case, she was still all smiles.
Hell, with her around I was all smiles all the time.

Bianca Beauchamp in hotel
I got the room for her and it's a TOTAL coincidence it had two beds.

Anyhow we hop into my car and head back to my place to start shooting.

Bianca Beaucham and Paul Buceta
Look at me - Taking a picture of myself and acting like I don't know the camera is there.

When we get to my house I offer an age old remedy commonly known as 'Hair of the Dog'.

Paul Buceta has the Captain in Him
Paul Buceta has the Captain in Him.

Seriously, look at the size of that bottle and look at what's left - I have no idea how that happend.
Unfortunately, Bianca declined so I just had to drink it all by myself.
mmmmmmmm, alcohol poisoning.

Paul and Bianca

So we wrap our first shoot and I get all excited and invent what I'm sure to be seen regularly from here on in, my new 'Happy Dance'
Click here to see me do my happy dance.

Bianca quickly transforms into another look as I run out to get some lunch.

Bianca in Make Up

Before we start shooting again we decide to eat a little something a la Paul Buceta budget.

Bianca Beauchamp and Lori Fabrizio
French Fries in French are pommes frites which directly translated means 'Fired Apples'.

Bianca Beauchamp gets robbed
Bianca's 'Fried Apples' tasted better than my French Fries.

We continue shooting into the night and before long Bianca changes her mind about that original drink offer and we start in on the bottle again.
Without alcohol Bianca is super nice and a lot of fun. With alcohol she's 10 times more!

Click here to see for yourself.