An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 12 16 - Last Minute With Tailor James

I was scheduled to shoot on Tuesday this week and received a call at 11:30pm the night before cancelling it.
Usually I don't mind so much as I'm generally grateful to have some time for myself to catch up on things but this time was different.
I had booked the make up artist Lori Fabrizio and together we had gone shopping specifically to style this shoot.
We bought a couple of wigs, skis, ski boots, polls, gloves etc.. all to match - Some expensive stuff I'll add.
Needless to say, you can see why I'd be disappointed.

Instead of getting all depressed about the situation I decided to be proactive and make something of it.
At 11:45 (15 minutes later), I called my good friend and Playboy Playmate Tailor James to see if she was up to a last minute shoot.
*** Man, I'm a whore at name dropping. I just like bragging that Tailor is my friend - Even if she publicly denies it.
Anyhow, she was happy to hear from me and delighted at the concept I had.

Before I get into the shoot details I need to give a little background on our history.
You see, a while back I was shooting a CD cover for a band in which Tailor was one of the models featured.
As a joke I said, "Tailor, you have a fat head... Let me help you with that".
And I did.

Paul Buceta squeezes Tailor James huge head

She didn't think it was so funny and told me I had ass cheeks on my face, and proceeded to help me with that.

Tailor James squeezes Paul's ass-face

She also called me a poo head.

To this day Tailor James continues to call me poo head.
That's ok, I mean I would prefer something like 'Your Highness' or 'Maestro' but Tailor James can call me anything she likes as long as she just calls me.

On to the shoot...

Tailor agreed to shoot but had to come later as she had an appointment in the morning.
I was a bit worried because I really wanted to maximize the sun for the shoot and didn't want to risk running too late and missing out on an awesome opportunity. Regardless, my worries were erased when she arrived right on time and almost everything went perfect.
Here's a sample from the shoot.

Tailor James - Ski Bunny
If I told Tailor, "You have a big ass, here, let me help you with that" I don't think she'd appreciate the joke.
Truth is - It doesn't get any more perfect than that.
I've never been big on skiing, I've always been more into tobogganing but after seeing this picture.... hmmm Skiing never looked so good!

Tailor James and Lori Fabrizio

We also did a real cute series with one of the new wigs we bought.
Tailor James    Tailor James

This was such a productive day that I'm sure many of these images will end up in magazines.
Actually, one already email me back showing interest in a series as well as a potential cover.

I would love to take credit for all of this but the truth is I just showed up and pushed a button - Tailor did all the work.
Seriously, the shoot was such a huge success entirely on her.

Thanks Tailor.
(Even if you deny reading my journal religiously)

Oh yeah, I mentioned earlier, the shoot "almost" went perfectly.
You see there was this one little difference of opinion we ran into.

Tailor James Freaks Out
click on image to see Tailor freak out