An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 12 18 - How Time 'Just' Flies By

I can't believe it has only been a year that I've known Linda.
I know this kind of clashes with the tittle but when I reflect on how much we managed to accomplish in one year if baffles my mind. (The simplest things do).

The other night Linda and I agreed to meet over a few drinks. Because the weather was bad for driving we decided to go some place local. We stopped at the same place we had first met.
It wasn't until we were inside that it dawned on us it was almost exactly a year to the date we had first met at this very spot!
What's more, we had only ever been to this place on these two occasions.
Kinda weird.

Linda and Paul

A quick rundown on our perspective years;
Her hair got shorter
She lost weight
She got two tattoos and one piercing
She started a website
She loves me
My hair got longer
I gained weight
I did not
I kinda forgot about my site
I love me

I know I'm going to hate putting this in writing but I'm glad I met her. She's been so much fun to be around and quite inspiring.
I'm also really proud of her. In one year's time she managed to create and in the process made quite a name for herself.

Way to go kido.

oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention it.
Because Linda likes to beat down her self esteem and shatter her confidence she's entered herself in a contest.
The funny part is she entered late and is well behind in the polls as a result.
Why does she do this to herself?

Linda also hates is begging. She thinks it reduces her as a person, which is why I know she's going to hate me writing about her as a charity case... hehehe

Anyhow, because it's the holidays and I feel like Santa giving out traffic, please do me a favour;

Go to this site and give my Friend Linda a nice big ol' 10.
You too can help someone in need this time of year.
I thank you for helping a friend.

After all, this is the season to give to the less fortunate isn't it?