An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2005 12 21 - Drunken Fun At An Agency Party

Last night I attended one of those elite type agency parties you usually only see on TV.

I brought along my partner in crime Lori Fabrizio to see what kind of trouble we could get into. The truth is, I brought her with me just in case I didn't know anyone - She also paid for the parking.

Anyhow, I get to the place kind of early and as soon as I walk in I see no less than 7 models I had worked with at one point or another.
I was like those sissy boys you see on Fashion Television kissing all the girls on both cheeks and telling them how MARVELOUS they look!

You might even say I was a 'kissy boy'.

paul and the girls

As soon as I finished my 'kissy boy' rounds I hit the next thing I was eyeing the whole time...

paul buceta will work for booze
2 down - 13 more to go...

After a few of these free babies I went back and kissed all the girls again.
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee - Paul Buceta is off to another great night.

Here are a random samplings of the evening...

P1010001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010003.jpg P1010004.jpg P1010006.jpg
P1010007.jpg P1010011.jpg P1010013.jpg P1010014.jpg P1010015.jpg
P1010017.jpg P1010018.jpg P1010019.jpg P1010020.jpg P1010022.jpg
P1010024.jpg P1010025.jpg P1010027.jpg P1010029.jpg P1010029b.jpg
P1010030.jpg P1010031.jpg P1010036.jpg P1010038.jpg P1010040.jpg
P1010041.jpg P1010046.jpg P1010047.jpg P1010050.jpg  

Here's a clip of Tailor James and Nadine Glenn.
Note Tailor slurring her words. I think she had an 'allergic reaction' to that particular brand of martini.

Tailor James and Nadine Glenn
click here to see video

The funny part was Tailor actually asked me to make a video of her.

On a side note, I left Lori at the bar for all of a couple of minutes to go to the washroom. When I returned she was surrounded by about 4 guys all trying to pick her up. haha
I squeezed in, took the drink from her hand, took a sip, and winked at the guys.
They all got the picture - They were thinking Paul Buceta RULES!

After I finished off the free Champagne supply I moved in on some models that were doing shots because hey,... free shots.

Paul Buceta - Booze Chooch
The shots didn't agree with me as much as the Champagne. Like Tailor, I think I got an 'allergic reaction' because I too started slurring my words.

Every model I saw from that moment on got a big wet one from the 'kissy boy' and a slurred "MARVELOUSH" compliment.

I like me at agency parties - At least from what I can remember.

Now, can anyone tell me why I had a foot print on my face and cigarette buts in my hair when I woke up this morning?