An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 01 12 - I Caved In...Almost

I get written about quite a bit in forums and such and to be quite honest - I find it super flattering.
Even when the posts are negative.

Usually, I just smile at the negative ones because I think to myself - The poor guy/gal is probably frustrated after spending 20 years of their life not being able to find their ass with a camera.

Unlike them, I know where my ass is. Kinda like now... I'm talking through it.

You see, I let one post get the better of me - Now I'm in a foul angry mood.

This is my second attempt at this journal.
Originally, I wrote it while in a bitter mood as it's 6:00am and here I am... again.

After taking a moment to cool down I decided to delete the original post and start again.

After about fifteen minutes I was still in a foul mood and decided to try something a bit radical. It's a bit expensive but it worked like a charm! I went to The Red Cross web site and made a donation of $100.00.
It hurt quite a bit because I really can't afford it - Things have been a bit tight around here.
Still, now I feel real good for doing something nice.

I don't even care about the other stuff. It all seems so trivial to me now.
It's interesting how in the 30 minutes it took me to write this I went from anger to peacful tranquility.
Remember this the next time you feel angry or bitter. Make a donation to a good cause - You'll feel better.
Hell, I feel even better spreading all this love around.

This otta get them talking even more. HAHA!