An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 01 12 - Negotiation Slip Up

I've been shooting regularly for a particular company for quite some time now - Long enough for a raise.
As the year end approached I devised a financial plan on how the company can pay me more without being out any more money.
It really was a win win situation for me AND them.

When I first sent in my proposal I was a bit nervous they might take it the wrong way.
So I was rather surprised by how quickly they just agreed to it.
Because I had a few shoots set up for the new year, we agreed to implement my plan after those.

Fast forward a few weeks and I bumped into the person at the company I was negotiating with.
There was a lot of alcohol flowing that night so I think he may have not been aware of what he revealed.

In our conversation, he told me that he wasn't really planning on setting up any more shoots.
That's why they agreed so easily. they weren't looking beyond the shoots already set up.

I've come to accept this kind of behavior as the norm.
I had begun to lose hope that this was the type of business dealing I would have to endure to survive.

Then today, I got an email from a different client for which I had shot some products, telling me he was going to try another photographer and wanted to let me know because he didn't want to be dishonest. He went on to say it was probably just temporary as he wants to try some different stuff and will probably come back to me.

Sure, I'm sad I might have just lost a client, but I have regained faith that there are still good, decent, honest people in this world.