An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 02 04 - Multimedia-Me

A got a call the other day from my actress friend (see here and here), asking if I could take some sexy pictures of her.
Usually this is an awesome way to start any day buy but little did I know this was a much bigger request.

You see, she needed these sexy shots for a magazine running a feature on her.
Pretty cool huh? ...wait, it gets better...
Inside Edition would be interviewing her and documenting our shoot!

How's that for a kick in the head?

I tell ya, this girl's brilliant.

Here I am in action at the shoot. Make sure to take special note of my pose demonstrations.

Paul Buceta in Action
click to see video

After the shoot my friend was being interviewed by Inside Edition and Lori and I were asked to keep busy in the background.
This was easy for me as I live for the camera, but as you all know Lori hates the camera. When ever it's on she gets all nervous.
The best part was she had to sit there and let me take pics of her while the video cameras rolled. I almost pissed myself at her discomfort.
Lori Fabrizio

All things said and done I think I got an awesome shot of her here.
She's going to hate me putting this up.

I'm number one! I'm number one!
click on gif above to see even more!

What's more, she aggravated a wound and started bleeding - She said it was an accident but I think she did it on purpose to get out of the shoot. Much like a coyote gnaws through it's paw to escape a trap.

Check out the video.

Lori Fabrizio - Make Up Artist / Wimp
click to see video

Anyhow, to find out why all the hoopla about my friend, you'll just have to wait until the Inside Edition clip aires.
Don't worry, I'll probably make a copy and put it on here.

If the images of her weren't for a magazine I would put them up all over the place.
They turned out awesome!