An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 03 24 - Misc. Stuff From Spain Continued

I have never been busier in my life.

Seriously, in the last 4 weeks I have managed to throw up in 3 different countries.
(Remarkably, this does not include North America)

Anyhow, I have tonnes of pics and vids to share as well as stories, so for now I'm going to just throw up any old vid and worry about the stories when time permits. (Pun intended)

Paul Buceta Paul Buceta - Terminal WRONG Picture Paul Buceta - Plane Paul Buceta Arrives
still at home at the terminal on the plane about to land lost luggage

Day 1
Beer Funnel Paul Buceta - Paint shoe poop hammer time Julia Roberts Camera
action fence paint shoe poop hammertime stock stuff

Day 2
Paul Buceta has arrived amateur el chooch
ACHTUNG! upper level paparazzied i'm paul buceta

Day 3
bulla bulla bulla
action rag doll

Day 4 - SICK***cough*** golf

Day 5
Sun in eyes Natural Selection
can't see natural selection

Day 6
tourist terminal buceta buceta plane poopy paul
annoying tourists why dimi? ali-snak-time grrrrrrr

more to come soon...