An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 04 01 - And the Winner Is....

My good friend Zdenka Micka entered UMM's Miss Silks Contest a while back. I avoid contests because for some reason I feel like crap if I don't win. I'd rather not enter than not win.

Anyhow, they had her pic on their site for quite some time and as luck (for lack of a better choice of word) would have it, she won!
She called me all thrilled with the news because she was going to the Czech Republic for a much anticipated trip to visit her parents and the prize money was really going to help her out.

What I wasn't expecting was for her to ask me to shoot it. I had thought UMM had staff photographers (which they do) but Zdenka insisted she wanted me to shoot it.

I just LOVE this girl.
That AND she brings me beer so I can make an ass out of myself on one of her videos on her site which I don't recommend you look for.

Moving on...

I agreed to the shoot and the picture is in UMM's current issue.

For those of you who can't pick one up, here's a copy.

Zdenka Micka in UMM Magazine

A lot of people tell me they really like this picture. For that I'm grateful.
I have to come clean though, I can't take the credit for it... I mean seriously, all I did was show up and push a button.
Zdenka's the one that should get all the praise - She make ME look good.