An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 04 07 - I'm Going Back to Panama

I was in Panama for March breach for a much needed vacation. While there I met a bunch of really nice people as well as visiting some breath-taking locations.

The whole time I couldn't stop thinking how cool it would be if I had some models with me... for shooting that is.

The more I thought about it the more I was convinced I just HAD to go back.

So today I went and did it. I booked for 4 of us to go (I would have booked for more if I could afford more).
It's an awesome little 5 star place called Playa Blanca in Panama.
You can see their site here: Playa Blanca Resort

I know I run the risk of upsetting some models by selecting others.
The ones I selected were for very good reasons. Magazines have agreed to buy their pics in advance - It's that simple.

Coming with me are April Ireland and Trisha Paulina.

For those of you doing the math Lori Fabrizio will also be joining us.

Now here's something I was thinking about... If you're a model and want to come along you're more than welcome.
Contact me regarding booking arrangements. Departing Toronto Apr 24 returning May 1 costs about $1,000.00.

While I was doing a bit of research about resorts and locations I came across a site that kinda hit home to me.
Before I get into details I should give a bit of history first.

While in Panama I was sitting poolside drinking errr... talking with some new friends when all of a sudden a bikini contest broke out.
I ran back to my room so fast for my camera that I missed a good part of it however, I did manage to find some pics on-line.
Here's the kicker.

In the second row behind the girl in the yellow bikini is some fat, shirtless, shoeless photographer wannabe.
Does he look familiar?

That picture is soooo awful, I can't believe I'm sharing it publicly.
Since I came across it I've brushed the dust off my treadmill and have logged over two hours in the last 24hours.

Piece of advice : Don't walk on a treadmill in slippers. My feet and legs are killing me!