An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 05 08 - Back From Panama - Barely

Well, I did it.
I went to Panama with three models and lived to tell about it.

When I first came up with the idea to go away with a few models I really didn't think it was going to happen.
I mean seriously, where was I going to come up with enough money to pay for everyone? I can barely afford my camera gear let alone the bar tab for six.

To keep things simple, I've opted to let the videos and pics speak for themselves.
I will say this though, we were all hoping to get a lot more pictures than we did but we partied waaaay too much.
Hell, the girls even ended up on national TV as well as a few local papers for their antics.
As for me, I managed to stay out of Panamanian prisons, which is always a good thing.

Here's the crew at 7:00 am
The Panamanian Crew

I can't believe how pale we all look!

Lori doesn't like to be eaten by sharks too much.
Going to Panama

Here we are on our way to Panama

HUGE production value on this one!
Krista Kelly - From Canada

Here's video proof of just how hard we worked.
Working Hard

Can you tell we were all just a little sluggish from the drink?
pass the aspirin

I burn my scalp and end up with a raccoon tan.
racoon tan

Drinking by the pool - Lori almost spilled my drink!
Paul and Lori drinking at the pool

More booze
Fiesta Time

Are you starting to get a sense of a recurring theme with our trip?
Seriously, we drank drank and drank - It was shameful.

Having said that we still managed to somehow pull off some amazing shots.

 Krista Kelly  Trisha Paulina
 April Ireland and Trisha Paulina  Trisha Paulina

April Ireland

Trisha Paulina and April Ireland

I'm going to come back with more candid shots soon so check back for them.