An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 05 09 - Just When I thought I was Out, They Pull Me Back In

I had put my acting career on hold for a while as I didn't have time to go to auditions for just any old thing.
Getting commercials was cool, but when you average out how many auditions you have to go to before landing something, the numbers just don't add up - At least not compared to photography.

So as you can imagine I was a bit surprised when I got a call from a producer of a TV show asking if I might be interested in a program they're pitching to some major networks.
At first I was hesitant as even if I get the job it probably will cost me more in time and effort than if I stick to photography however, on this show I would be doing just that.
They want me to be a photographer.
I told them I would be interested but I would need to use my crew - Namely; Lori.

The audition / meeting date was set and everything was great.

There was a small issue come audition date as I had agreed to shoot all the girls for the Miss CHIN bikini contest for which I am going to be a judge... But that's a whole other journal entry.

My conflict was that I was going to have to go straight from the audition to the CHIN shoot.
This, which was no problem to me, was a major concern to Lori as she HATES the idea of acting!

Needless to say, she had no choice as she was hooking a ride with me and I told her they were expecting her and that she really shouldn't let me down like this - Yeah, I know, that was below the belt but as you'll see, it was all worth it.

Check out the vid

Audition Clip
*** Caution - This is a long video ***