An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 08 03 - My Latest Photo Shoot with Annette Milbers

First a little history...

I had attended FAME (Fitness and Model Expo) for the first time back in 2005.
At that time I knew very little of how these competitions work and even less about how serious they take their sport.
I remembered being in awe of a few models, namely, Julie Marsland, Jamie Eason, Sylvia Tremblay and Ocean Bloom.
These women are incredible to look at - Their bodies, their beauty, their poise... I could go on.

The one model that really caught my eye however was the winner and Champion - Annette Milbers.
I was completely mesmerized by her beauty. She had an aire of dignity and confidence which kinda intimidated me a little.
As many of you know, I kinda dig women that intimidate me.

Anyhow, she seemed sooo amazing that I didn't have the nerve to approach her. That's right, I backed down like a little coward.
A little coward with pipe-cleaner arms.

But I digress.

A while later I was buying some groceries when I noticed a beautiful blonde on the cover of Oxygen Magazine.
I bought the issue not realizing that beautiful blonde was the same one which had intimidated me so many months ago.

Annette Milbers - Oxygen Cover

After seeing her pictorial I vowed I wouldn't go another year without making contact.
What's more I opted to be pro-active and email her before this years FAME.
I was certain I was going to get a polite, "Thank you for your interest but..." if even a response at all.
I mean look at her - She's spectacular.

So yeah, as you've already guessed we shot.

Here's the biggest surprise - I was intimidated for nothing!!!
Annette Milbers is a kindred spirit. This is something I really wasn't expecting. I mean by the end of our shoot I was sad to say good-bye. In the short while I had known her I had become addicted to her positive and friendly nature.

And that's not all
After FAME I posted her images on SESSIONS and the result was tremendous!
Not only did the images get her another cover for another upcoming magazine, (It's a secret) but the whole shoot sold. What's more, I got a call from another fitness magazine asking if I could shoot her for THEIR cover as well!

Which brings us to this past weekend.

Annette flew back in town to shoot with me for this cover as well as editorial for a few other magazines I work for.
Wow did we have fun.

Arm rassle
not to give anything away but click here to see me kick Annette's ass!

click here to see Reiner make my new voice mail message

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Here are some samples of what we did over the weekend.

Annette Milbers  Annette Milbers

Annette Milbers

Annette Milbers Annette Milbers

There are sooo many images from this shoot I'm having a hard time selecting my favorites!
Stay tuned for her new and improved SESSIONS coming soon.