An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2006 01 07 - Shampoo My Crotch

I've been getting a few emails asking what I've been up to lately as I haven't been writing in my journal as of late.

To save myself the extra work of sending everyone back an individual email I opted to insert a quick journal in it's place.

Here goes...

This past week has been quite insane for me.
I had a shoot on Monday with Susan Moody, a video interview for a documentary I'll be in on Tuesday, I had to wash my hair Wednesday, shoot an alien music video during which I seriously injured my knee on Thursday and lastly on Friday shoot a Playboy model and meet with the editor of a magazine while limping.

Not that I think it needs to be said but that's the alien pictured above

Add to all of that the fact I have had on average 4 hours sleep per night and you get a sense of my headspace right now.
It's a strange feeling sitting at the computer too exhausted to edit images but too excited to be able to get any sleep.
I find when I lay down I can't stop thinking about all the work that still needs to get done.


Today is Saturday and I am going to go to my mom's house for a little home cooking and a long needed break from work.

The plus side to all of this is I have tones of great stuff to share in the next upcoming days.


On a totally unrelated subject;
The other day I was in a coffee shop line up and the people in front of me were talking in metaphors. Because of this I started giggling uncontrollably. They stopped talking and looked at me. I couldn't take it... I ran out of the place laughing.
You see, this reminded me of the movie, "As Good As It Gets".
In the movie Jack Nicholson stands at a table in a restaurant listening to a couple talking. When asked what he's doing he quite calmly but rudely states,"People who talk in metaphors should shampoo my crotch".
I laughed so loud in the movie theatre, people shhhhh-ed me.

The whole time the people in front of me were talking I was thinking,
"That's right keep talking, I'm going to expect a good lather".