An On-Line Journal
by Paul Buceta

2007 08 12 - Death Defying Vigilantism

Yes, I spell-checked the word.

Watch the video first and then read the rest.

Paul Buceta - Vigilante
click to see video

So here is what I propose, if you know the guys let me know and I'll post their names on here.
It would be really good if they had facebook accounts to link to.

The Culprits

For now I will refer to the guy in the lovely orange top as Lucy and his 'buddy' as Sandra.
The sad thing is there's a third guy in the car. What a shame I didn't get a shot of him
Regardless, I have a feeling Lucy or Sandra will rat him out to the popo.

Lucy and Sandra

Lucy's License Plate
If you see this car, be easy on Lucy and her friends unless they're vandalizing something, in which case get your cameras rolling.

If you live in the Mississauga area forward this page to everyone you know. It would be so nice to keep this journal going with updates.

I really dislike vandalism on any fronts. If you've been vandalized you'll understand the feeling.
Lets all work together to try to stop this kind of behavior - No one benefits from it...
Unless your name is Paul Buceta and you're desperate for content.