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I usually reserve these Mad Max type shoots for my group trips as people during the Olympia have booths to work at or friends / shows / exhibits to see.

Having said that, I’ve had a few people ask me if I would consider doing one so I decided to ask around to see what kind of interest I could generate and also as I don’t want just anyone in the pics, I want models I think could really bring something cool to the table, so if you’re reading this, congratulations, you’re one of those chosen. Anyhow, I have enough interest to move forward and make this happen – Yaay us!!!

The shoot will take place in the afternoon of Thursday the 12th of September, 2019 with a likely pick up of 2:30pm at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

For those of you doing individual shoots with me, this will be included in that fee. For those JUST attending the group shoot the cost for the group shoot will be $250 non-refundable as I’m going to be capping the group. You will end up with thousands of amazing images later that evening, not to mention some really cool behind the scenes, selfies and stories. 

I don’t have the cost for the company providing the vehicles and taking us around but in the past it was less than $180 per person.

You will be responsible for your own wardrobe as well as make up and hair but keep in mind you will be wearing a helmet so your hair will get fucked. lol That’s cool though, because you’ll end up covered in dirt as well so it all makes sense. Make sure no high heels, closed toe shoes/boots only.

We usually return around 7:00pm and after every shoot in the past we go for a quick dinner. Kaizen Sushi right next to the Hard rock has been a favorite so if you’d like to be a part of that let me know. Yum sushi!

Please come alone as there is no room for friends, family, etc.

And on a side note, lets go do the Skyjump together Friday afternoon.

I’ll be creating a WhatsApp group for this shortly so I can field questions and we can all share thoughts.


Samples from past shoots for wardrobe ideas.