The world of media as we once knew it has changed – A lot.
As many of us don’t work in the media industry we are not aware just how much the landscape has changed.

Back before the internet, the media sources available for marketing ones business were tv, magazines, newspapers, flyers, billboards, telephone books (remember those?) and the like. If you wanted to advertise your business, your services and even a brand, you had to get into one of these.

Advertising rates for all of the above where high and it was often only if you ‘qualified’ to advertise with them. Magazines and newspapers also benefitted from subscriptions and newsstand sales which were huge back then, remember Hugh Hefner’s private plane?

There was so much money being made back then that magazines  used to celebrate large staff and would pay the models well – They could afford to.

The changes in media happened so fast and so deeply, that the world’s largest magazine TV Guide which enjoyed a circulation of over 1,700,000 doesn’t even really exist any more.  And that fancy Playboy Plane?  Check this out.

And lets take a moment to remember fitness magazines that once used to be a staple in the industry that are no more, Oxygen put out it’s last issue in 2022, SHAPE, Muscle and Fitness Hers (They only put out an occasional cover but no issue), Fitness Rx and all the others. They unfortunately didn’t change adopt in time. (And I really hope you know the difference between a real magazine on newsstands with distribution and circulation vs an ‘online’ / ‘print on demand’ magazine)

Your local morning show on tv is now a pay to play. Before they would interview interesting people with interesting stories but now, if you want to be on the show, aside from a story, you have to pay for it. 

The tabloids are largely pay to appear (Except for the juicy parts). Look at them and you’ll see the celebrities are paying to stay relevant or promote something. 

Even the Superbowl half-time show isn’t what you think. These performers are not being paid. They do it to promote their brand alongside the credibility of the NFL and TV.
When Justin Timberlake performed in 2018, his music sales rose 534% that same day; as for Lady Gaga, sales of her digital catalog spiked 1000% following her 2017 performance. For Usher, the singer will have the opportunity to promote his new album, Coming Home—which will be released two days before the Super Bowl. He is also embarking on a nationwide tour starting in August 2024.
Esquire Magazine 2024

Now, I know fitness magazines aren’t the Superbowl and we’re not all Lady Gagas but the credibility of being published still has merit, the content it provides that you can post to your social media sets you apart from the rest. With everyone being a coach or nutritionist and post about it on social media, being a published in your field puts you head and shoulders above the rest, it shows the world you have been recognized and are credible.

As I have seen time and time again, if you market your feature correctly, you can enjoy the same percent increases in sales as Lady Gaga.