I f&%king love Las Vegas and want to go back – All the time, and I know I’m not alone.  I’ve already started training my liver. This group trip will center around the Olympia so I’m thinking of changing it up a little bit. We can include a group trip to the expo and even perhaps a trip to the actual show – If the group choses.

 To those that can’t make it, don’t worry, I’ll have another one, seriously, no crying.

You’ve seen the pictures, the videos and probably even heard from a friend or two about how incredible and absolutely life-changing these Vegas trips can be.  The social media footprint for these trips is in the millions. To be clear, this is a trip that creates a large social media buzz and will help get you seen. A large part of the trip’s mandate is for everyone to help promote each other. With this help, you will get lots of eyes all while being the envy of all your friends.

Wow, look at me go all professional and shit.


Wednesday Afternoon : Meet and greet pool party with lots of candid pics. We’ll be meeting at the Nirvana Pool at the Hard Rock. Everyone will wear all white and wear a captains hat. It makes for fun group pics, I’ll have a small camera there with me for these as we often splash around in the pool for some fun pics. 

Thursday : Morning surprise activity! Afterwards we’ll go back to the rooms to get ready and will be picked up by the ‘Razor’ people for the afternoon group desert shoot. Razor Adventures  The wardrobe for this is Mad Max theme – Think leather chains and super sexy but avoid high heels, boots are better – Oh and you’ll be wearing helmets to the location which means say bye-bye to nice hair.
Friday: Individual Shoots during the day.  If the possibility exists, group shoot in the late afternoon/evening. For the evening, I might recommend all black lingerie – It might still be daylight for these so I use the term evening, loosely. 

Saturday : Visit the expo as a group. I’m thinking we can get some cool mating t-shirts but that up for discussion. After the expo we can go back and hang out by a pool for a bit. Saturday evening see a show or group pics on the Vegas Strip.

Sunday – Pool Party – Possibly Wet Republic (To be discussed) You should all consider entering the bikini contest like this girl.


I ask we all stick to the itinerary, we have had situations where people know people and have ‘hook-ups’ at clubs or bars – It’s tricky to keep everyone together as is so if you have an idea or suggestion that deviates from the itinerary, please run it by me before the whole group.

Lets talk colour.
For legal reasons, I can’t really tell anyone to tan in a tanning bed/stand-up because UV is known to cause cancer – like the sun in Vegas and everywhere else on this planet. Having said that, I find that nice tans from a tanning bed almost always look better than a spray tan because the hands and feet match, the bottoms of your feet wont be black, you won’t be blotchy and you don’t run the risk of it smudging or turning green. Now I understand for those of you that have fair complexions spray tans may be the safest route and that’s totally cool.  For everyone else, do what you feel is best. 


Make up and hair times for Thursday (Shoots right after) Be advised times may change so be sure to check back closer to the date for your time. Monica Kalra will be doing all the make up and hair for your individual shoots. These shoots will be in a suite at the Hard Rock.

7am Candace Vercillo
8am Johanna Stavrakaki
9am Rickie Maxine
10AM Rhonda Sigda
11am Dani Charlene
12pm Brandi Lee
1pm Amanda Janisse
2pm Karen Silva

Will this be you?



Want to be in awesome shoots like this? Let’s do it – upcoming locations;Vegas WBFF Aug 23Vancouver Aug 17Woodlands Sept 21.Killer video by Josue Gomez make up and hair by Monica KalraWith Dawn Armstrong Nichole LeAnne Nicole Tovey Krista Belle Tammy Lyn Gnz#findyourselfapaul

Posted by Paul Buceta on Friday, August 3, 2018